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Digital printing

Name: Digital printing fabric
Printing and dyeing process: digital printing
Color: customizable
Flower type: customizable
Feel: can be customized (stiff, hard, soft)
Composition: 100% polyester, TC cotton, pure cotton
Fabric weave: plain or twill
Yarn weaving: can be customized
Density: can be customized
Style: modern
Width: can be customized (210-280cm)
Weight: can be customized (50g-130g)
Features: smooth fabric, full of sense of technology
Uses: clothing and apparel, curtains, bedding, babies, accessories, luggage, household goods, decorative cloth
Season: Four seasons
Region: China
Supply mode: customized processing
Packing method: packing or rolling (50-300 meters/roll), single-width rolling and double-width rolling
Transportation: shipping or air transportation
  • Place of Origin

    Zhejiang, China

    Modes of packing



    Fashion home textiles and technical textiles

    Payment Terms/p>

    L/C at sight, T/T


    white or customized


    500m per color & 3000m per order


    ISO9001:2008 / ROHS

Changxing Xiangyu Textile Co., Ltd.

Changxing Xiangyu Textile Co., Ltd. was established in April 2014. Changxing Haiwei Textile Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company established in March 2020, dedicated to the operation and sales of foreign trade. We are a professional ChinaDigital printing Factory and Digital printing Manufacturers, offering wholesale Digital printing for sale at a good price.

We are the home textile industry which has a professional production and processing factory and a complete and scientific quality management system. We mainly engaged in trade import and export. Products are widely used in bedding, clothing, curtains, and other industries.

Changxing Xiangyu Textile Co., Ltd.

  • Digital printing

    Digital printing

  • Digital printing

    Digital printing

  • Digital printing

    Digital printing

  • Digital printing

    Digital printing

  • Digital printing

    Digital printing


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